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Evaluation Methodology

Evaluation Methodology (Assessment Procedure)

Every course shall have two components of assessments namely Formative Assessment in the form of Continuous Internal Assessment(CIA) and Summative Assessment which is the End Semester Examination (ESE):

  • Continuous Internal Assessment “CIA”. This assessment will be carried out throughout the semester as per the Academic Schedule
  • End Semester Examination “ESE”. This assessment will be carried out at the end of the Semester as per the Academic Schedule

Continuous Internal Assessment (CIA)

CIA will be conducted in the form of online assignments, tests and quizzes.

Online Assignments

  • There will be two Assignments per semester.
  • Each assignment has to be submitted online within the specified due date.
  • A Learner’s score will be considered for calculating the Average Assignment Score (A).

Online Quiz Tests

  • There will be 2 Quizzes for each course.
  • Each Quiz will be conducted in a single online session, consisting two sections with multiple choice questions of different difficulty level.
  • The duration of the Quiz will be 30 minutes. Both the Quiz scores will be considered to calculate the Average Quiz Score (Q).

Online Tests

Two tests will be conducted online. Part A and Part B with Multiple choice questions with different levels of Blooms Taxonomy and Part C will contain descriptive answer / Micro case studies. The Duration of the Test will be of one hour. Both the Test scores will be considered to calculate Average Test Score (T).

Calculation of CIA Marks

  • CIA Score will be calculated as Average of Assignment, Quiz and Test (A+Q+T)

End Semester Exam (ESE)

At the end of a semester, there will be an end semester exam of 2/3 hours duration for each course.

For ODL programmes of MBA and MCA, ESE will be conducted in person and invigilated in the assigned Examination centres at HITS Campus, but if the situation continues to be like this, for ODL also online proctored tests will be conducted

Exam Centre for ODL Programmes of MBA and MCA:

As of now, The examination Centre is as Under:

Hindustan Institute of Technology and Science
1, Rajiv Gandhi Salai, Padur, Chennai – 603103.

Any Change in the location and address of the exam centres will be intimated separately

For Online UG Programmes of BBA, B. Com and BCA ESE will be conducted in the form of Online proctored exams.


The weightages for the various category of the courses for CIA and ESE is given below

S.no Category of Courses CIA weightage ESE Weightage Total
1 Theory Course 30% 70% 100%
2 Practical 80% 20% 100%
3 Theory Course with Practical 60% 40% 100%
4 Design Project 100% --- 100%
5 Internship 100% --- 100%
6 Project and Viva Voce 50% 50% 100%

Pass Criteria for each course

  • A Learner is deemed to have passed a course only if the total course score (T=CIA + ESE) >=50/100
  • A course successfully completed cannot be repeated.
  • Learners who do not pass a Course can repeat the End Semester Exam whenever it is conducted in the subsequent Semester. The Fee to repeat the Exam will be INR 500/-.
    Students get 2 free attempts of assignments (in case of failure) and subsequently have to pay Rs 500/- per attempt.
  • These Criteria are the same for all learners participating in the course
  • An Absolute grading system, as described below will be followed
Range of Marks Letter Grade Grade Points Remarks
90 – 100 S 10 Outstanding
80-89 A 09 Excellent
70-79 B 08 Very Good
60-69 C 07 Good
55-59 D 06 Average
50-54 E 05 Pass
< 50 U 00 To Reappear for end-semester examination

Award of Degree: Degree will be awarded on successful completion of all theory and practical courses of all the four semesters within 2 to 4 years for PG programmes(MBA and MCA) and 3 to 6 years of UG programmes(BBA, B.Com, and BCA).