Director's Message

Message from Executive Director Dr. Aby Sam

Aby Sam Director

The outbreak of pandemic had given the world more and new possibilities of engagement. The world is now experimenting, exploring new opportunities and experiencing life and business with totally different perspectives. Every challenge is an opportunity, to turn a new leaf. Who would have thought games and sports will be played without a crowd cheering the players. The reality has seamlessly blended with the virtuality. Technology, the key player has enabled the world to change the way people work, workout, perform arts or play games. The major break-through and game changer in the field of education is “going online”. Acquiring knowledge and skills has never been this convenient. But everything comes with the price and inherent difficulties.

To those seekers, who search for quality education at affordable costs and supportive faculty assistance, Hindustan Institute of Technology and Science (HITS)holds the key. The responsibility of an institution and it’s teachers is to bring clarity in the learners mind, kindle their curiosity and expand their power to think creatively. HITS has reached out to the society offering Degree programs through Open and Digital learning. To begin with “CODE” , the Centre for Open and Digital Education has embarked on two most sought after programs of higher Studies, the two years MBA and MCA programs and other UG programs.

Let the pandemic not deter you. We invite all the seekers to make best use of our programs to pursue their dreams of progress in their career or embark on the entrepreneurship.

We welcome you at CODE to experience the joy of learning, empower with Knowledge and Skills to achieve your goals and realize your dreams.