Blended Learning

  • The purpose of Digital Education offered by Open Distance Learning Mode or Online Mode is to enable the learner flexibility, easy accessibility and to give space for learning at own pace.
  • The teaching learning process of the programs offered by CODE follow Blended Learning Process in which Online Asynchronous learning is facilitated by prerecorded Videos and Synchronous learning is by live online sessions.
  • Online sessions will cover important topics explained by experienced faculty, invited lectures by Industry and International experts, Q & A sessions etc.
  • Self-Learning at own pace is facilitated with the aid of Learner Support comprehensive course material delivered digitally for Online courses and physically at door step for Open Distance learners if they so desire.
  • The digital course material can be accessed from anywhere and at any time.
  • In the Synchronous Online sessions Practical learning is enabled through case studies and webinars with the experts of Corporate World, which will provide the learners with the insight of challenges and offer coping mechanism.
  • Access to the digital library will enable learners to pursue their studies anytime from anywhere.

Four Quadrant Approach:

The four quadrants are:

  • Quadrant-I is e-Tutorialcontaining pre-recorded Video and Audio Content in an organized form.
  • Quadrant-II is e-Content with self-instructional material (digital Self Learning Material), e-Books, illustrations, case studies, presentations Web Resources, Open source Content on Internet, Videos etc ( Hard Copy also given to ODL Learners)
  • Quadrant-III is the Discussion forum for raising of doubts and clarifying the same on real time basis and online sessions.
  • Quadrant-IV is Assessment, which shall contain; Problems and Solutions, which could be in the form of Multiple-Choice Questions, fill in the blanks, Matching Questions, Short Answer Questions, Long Answer Questions, Quizzes, Assignments and solutions, Discussion forum topics and setting up the FAQs, Clarifications on general misconceptions.


Medium of Instruction is English for all courses, assignments, presentations, webinars and internal Assessment and Examinations.

Mandatory Requirements for the learners:

Access to good internet connection and an electronic device(s), a laptop / desk top / mobile device will be a key requirement to derive the maximum benefit of the online sessions, digital learning tools,and to learn effectively.